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Historic Buildings

"Repairing and stabilising the past, for the future"

In common with conservation policies of recent years, R G Parkins & Partners Ltd has enthusiastically embraced the repair and refurbishment of historic and traditionally built structures.

The 'easy option' of demolition is now a last resort and stabilisation and repair – in both traditional and modern methods – are the first consideration.

We have many years experience in inspecting, reporting and specifying repair and refurbishment work, often under scrutiny of English Heritage, The National Trust, ESA and local authority officials. A good understanding has been built up with such bodies to the mutual benefit of building owners, clients and other professionals.

A major area of work under this heading is in the conversion of old buildings for new or renewed purposes. Many successful elements to gain stability after the initial appraisal to obtain planning permission. A good example of a major conversion is Farfield Mill near Sedbergh, Cumbria which was converted into a weaving and craft open to the public.

The most challenging historical repair project completed to date has undoubtedly been the reconstruction of the circular house on Belle Isle in the middle of Lake Windermere after a serious fire partially destroyed the Grade 1 listed building. The multi-million project was undertaken over two years.

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