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Hydrology & Flood Risk

Flood Risk Management

R G Parkins & Partners Ltd have a team of chartered water and environmental managers who specialise in flood risk management, river engineering and hydrology.

In relation to flood risk, our understanding of the legal, political and social drivers behind development control policy means we can work with developers, local planning authorities, the Environment Agency and SEPA to ensure that aspiring developers are successfully guided through the planning process.

We are experienced in meeting the needs of the national planning policy relating to development and flood risk, including PPS 25 (England), SPP7 (Scotland) and TAN15 (Wales), as well as building regulations and the code for sustainable homes requirements.

We embrace the concepts of sustainable development and aim to use development opportunities, both private and public, to reduce the probability and impact of flooding and to enhance the biodiversity and natural beauty of the landscape.  This approach results in a higher success rate at planning stage.

We have undertaken flood risk assessments in sensitive areas across the Lake District including Grasmere, Hawkshead and Keswick, and have developed a successful working relationship with planning authorities and statutory consultees.

If you are planning a development and suspect there may be issues with flood risk to the site we would be happy to assist.  Our case studies provide an insight into the type of work we have recently been engaged in.

To download a leaflet explaining what a flood risk assessment involves and how R G Parkins can help, see the publication below.

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