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Settlement Lagoons (British Gypsum Ltd)

R G Parkins & Partners Ltd were commissioned to provide a solution to the problem of suspended particles being carried from the processing plant in the washed out run off and being transported from the existing collection pond which collected all of the site discharge prior to dispersal into the local tributary which fed into the River Eden.

A Settlement Lagoon System was designed to provide the solution to accord with the requirements of the then North West Water Authority.

The opportunity was taken to aerate the water on the link ramp between the original discharge pond and the upper lagoon. The Lagoons were devised to allow the water to discharge to flow at a rate, sufficiently reduced to allow the sediment to settle out in the lagoons. This effect was concentrated in the reinforced concrete entrance and exit chambers, to allow for regular removal.

The plan size and slopes of the lagoons and linking channels was sufficient to accommodate most rainwater storms, but a by-pass system was incorporated, which also provided an alternative route during maintenance work.

The project was constructed by F S  Potts & Sons and has operated successfully since completion.

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